Second SOMEDI project follow up meeting

The second meeting of SOMEDI was successfully held on Madrid last 6th and 7th July, hosted by HI-Iberia. The meeting was attended by SIVECO, BEIA, EXPERIS, TAIGER and HI-IBERIA.

During the meeting the consortium reviewed the general project status and went into detail in particular tasks as requirements and use cases definition and platform architecture details. Also a work plan was defined for future 5 months in order to prepare the annual review which will take place next January.

In addition to this, during the meeting some tasks leaderships were reassigned due to the retirement of Finnish Consortium from the project. Also a common scope was defined between Romanian and Spanish Consortium in order to develop a common platform that will be deploy in different domains based on the end user needs. Concretely, SOMEDI platform will be focused on social media monitoring for:

  • Marketing processes (in e-commerce and restaurants) with the aim of improving their sales and market thanks to recommendations for their presence in social media,
  • Recruiting purpose in order to enable the search of the best candidate for an employ.