HI-Iberia coordinates the meeting for SOMEDI Project

During 23rd and 24th of November, HI-Iberia coordinated and held the SOMEDI project meeting in Madrid for month 12 of project execution. Eight people attended the meeting from the 5 companies compounding the project consortium, from Romania and Spain. During the meeting, the team worked on compiling project status (work plan and consortium status); provided details about the possible inclusion of new partners in the project consortium as well as the cooperation with other European projects, and worked in the preparation of the Year 1 project review that will take place on January, 23rd.
SoMeDi tries to solve the challenge of efficiently generating and utilising social media and digital interaction data enabled intelligence. The results of the project will give the companies competitive advantage through quicker and more automatic processes that benefit from and utilise the data about users’ intentions and preferences in various digital environments, and by being able to reach out to consumers and business users through current and emerging social media channels. SoMeDi’s goal is to unlock the value hidden in the digital content and traces of human (inter) actions through the application of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.