Project Description

The amount of digital interaction data has soared along the digitalisation of business processes and private communication since the advent of the Internet. Cisco indicates that the annual global IP (Internet Protocol) traffic will pass the zettabyte (1000 exabytes) threshold by the end of 2016. These ubiquitous engagements produce an almost unfathomable amount of interaction traces that provide information about preferences, interests and intentions. At the same time advances in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis and Machine Learning provide the opportunity to extract and use this information to better serve and engage our users and audiences. The evergrowing functionalities in our software, the breadth of our media asset libraries and the amount of potential messages stresses our users with information overload, but with the help of Digital Interaction Intelligence, improvements like personalized offerings and tailored engagement can be applied to help users and increase the value of our systems.

SOMEDI tries to solve the challenge of efficiently generating and utilising social media and digital interaction data enabled intelligence. The results of the project will give the companies competitive advantage through quicker and more automatic processes that benefit from and utilise the data about users’ intentions and preferences in various digital environments, and by being able to reach out to consumers and business users through current and emerging social media channels. The picture below presents the functional domain of the project.

SOMEDI will unlock the implicit value in digital interaction data by turning it into Digital Interaction Intelligence that can drive and support various business processes and use situations. Our consortium has attracted both leading technology experts and strong use case owners from B2C and B2B platforms in SaaS, Digital security, Digital Entertainment and Gaming, as well as strong European Brands with vital interests in Competitive Intelligence and Customer Engagement in highly competitive global markets. Demonstrators as well as experimentation scenarios across different vertical applications ensure that the advances in research and technology can be utilised from all angles under real industrial constraints and lead to relevant economic valorization.