Public Deliverables

D1.1. SoMeDi – Vision
This document contains the consortium’s view of the current context for SoMeDi (industrial problems and State of the Art) and propose a Vision for SoMeDi easing the existing problems.

D2.1. SoMeDi – DID user interface technical description and mock up
This document contains the technical description of DID user interface and mock-ups for the platform

D3.1. State-of-the-art and Guidance Report
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Digital Interaction Intelligence; State-of-the-art and Guidance Report. Living Document with snapshot release at major milestones

D4.1. SoMeDi – Use cases and demonstrators definition
This document contains the Use cases and demonstrators definition for SoMeDi platform

D4.3. SoMeDi – Use Cases Validation Report
This document contains the Use case/demonstrators validation report for the three pilots defined in SoMeDi project

D5.1. SoMeDi – Awareness Raising Activities
This document compiles the set of awareness raising activities (Project website, social media presence, trade shows and magazines, events) to disseminate the project results